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How easy is Job Application.

February 5, 2012

Today we’re going to give some tips, to help you for Job Application.

1. do some research
Show that you are interested in the organization for which you are applying. Has the company been in t

he news? What has sent press releases? A search on Google orvisit the website of the company can offer you a wealth of information.

2. Prepare your answers for
Of course you can not know beforehand exactly what questions you have on your fired. Well come in almost every interview a number of standard questions. Make sure that you ask at least establish an answer ready for you.

3. Look neat

Appearance would perhaps not have to do, but practice shows simply that the other person has an opinion about you judge others before you have even a word spoken. Dress appropriately and therefore think of your grooming.4. remain calm
It makes sense that you’re nervous for an interview. Also do not mind, because it shows that you want the job

If your nerves too much prevail, they can however ensure that you do not come from your words or a blunder saves. Keep your nervesunder control therefore.

5. Prepare some questions
You can show your interest for a function not only to answer questions, but they alsoset. You can also so obviously useful information about the company and the vacancy. Therefore prepared a number of  questions.


The Biggest Social Media Company

February 5, 2012

Social networking sites have become an indispensable part of daily life. The rumorsswell that the Internet companies that want to successfully capitalize on the stock. But what are they worth?
We will talk about Linkedin, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Hyves

Company started in: 2003-Linkedin, 2003-Myspace, 2004-Facebook, 2006-Twitter, 2004-hyves.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn has an estimated value of $ 3 billion.
Myspace: Myspace has an estimated value of $ 200 million.
Facebook: Facebook has an estimated value of $ 50 billion.
Twitter: Twitter has an estimated value of $ 3.7 billion.
Hyves: Hyves has an estimated value of $ 630 million.

And we have a winner, Facebook is estimated to 50 billion dollars.

We make the companies as SUCCESSFUL. Because everyone has a profile onHyves, Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Myspace. they can share the money with us!
If we close our profile with all of them then the company is only worth some money!

So if you want to earn money very easily, Start your own Social Media!

If you have other ideas, to earn money easily. Share with us!


Information About Social Media Network

February 5, 2012

What is social media?

Social media is a collective name for all Internet applications that allow information to share on a user-friendly and often funny way. This includes not only information in the form of text (news articles). Also audio (podcasts, music) and images (photography, video) are shared through social media websites. In other words, social media stands for “Media that allow you to socialize with the environment where you are located.

Examples of social media websites

Notable examples of international social media website Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, but also WikiPedia and MySpace. Examples from the Netherlands Hyves Problems with and desk. This is also a list of dates associated with the various social media sites: 2001-Wikipedia, 2003-Wordpress, 2003-Linkedin, Myspace 2003-2004-Facebook, Youtube 2005-, 2006-Twitter

How do social media?

With social media it is all about the role of the website visitor. He usually brings the content of the website (with YouTube users upload videos and WikiPedia, anyone can create and edit articles yourself). This is also called user-generated content. In addition, the social medium sometimes for the arrangement of the content (at Digg, everyone can vote for each news article, as are naturally the most important posts on the homepage).

The strengths of social media:

  • Social media sites are often very topical, because a large group of consumers is active and there is always a first for an event is present. In 2009 we saw many examples of Twitter, like the plane crash in Amsterdam, and the unrest in Iran.
  • The content of social media websites is almost always divisible and easily distributed within a network. This means that very quickly a viral effect either huzz can take place.
  • Social media and niche communities are very suitable for accessing marketingniches. This has many similarities with the familiar term The Long Tail of Marketing.
  • Social media is quickly searchable and relatively objective, since they are generated by a wide group of people. This is also called ‘the wisdom of the crowd’ mentioned.
  • Social media allows consumers an easier way to meet the basic needs of Maslow, unlike traditional media.

Social media scored very well in search engines like Google, because of the relatively objective and reliable character.

The weaknesses of social media:

  • Although social media is perfect for personalization, results are often based on averages shown by the operation of democracy. This can ensure that good initiatives do not come up.
  • Consumers and employees can say anything about your business on social media websites. This can provide a lot of positive publicity, but also for bad publicity, even if it is not justified. A good example is Domino’s Pizza. To counteract these problems more and more companies make social media guidelines for their employees.
  • Social media is not always as reliable as it is said. Many posts on Twitter concern that such rumors are strengthened by the masses and not subsequently prove to be true.

Your Experience

February 5, 2012

We are going to talk about your experience.

The intention is that we are sharing best ideas and help each other to achieve SUCCESSFUL.

If there are people that have accomplished in their career. Please share your experience with us.

If there are people with 0 euro investment, which have achieved in their career let us hear from you!

Leave a comment and let us know how you’ve become SUCCESSFUL. We respect each other and help each other that is our relationship!


World Of Connections

February 5, 2012

The main thing is Connection! we’re talking here about Connections.

As you can see, Connection is the main Source of Success.

At first, make sure you know many people who have achieved what in their career. Go to trade shows, make sure you appeal to them at the right time and right place! And make as many friends as possible!

Make sure you are motivated, and show that you’re separate from everyone. Handing out business cards is convenient, invite them for a cup of coffee.

Does this looks familiar, leave a comment here and share your experience with everyone!