The Biggest Social Media Company

February 5, 2012

Social networking sites have become an indispensable part of daily life. The rumorsswell that the Internet companies that want to successfully capitalize on the stock. But what are they worth?
We will talk about Linkedin, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Hyves

Company started in: 2003-Linkedin, 2003-Myspace, 2004-Facebook, 2006-Twitter, 2004-hyves.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn has an estimated value of $ 3 billion.
Myspace: Myspace has an estimated value of $ 200 million.
Facebook: Facebook has an estimated value of $ 50 billion.
Twitter: Twitter has an estimated value of $ 3.7 billion.
Hyves: Hyves has an estimated value of $ 630 million.

And we have a winner, Facebook is estimated to 50 billion dollars.

We make the companies as SUCCESSFUL. Because everyone has a profile onHyves, Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Myspace. they can share the money with us!
If we close our profile with all of them then the company is only worth some money!

So if you want to earn money very easily, Start your own Social Media!

If you have other ideas, to earn money easily. Share with us!


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